Being in the field of data science and machine learning, you might quickly realize that things are moving pretty fast. For that matter, adopting the “student for life” mindset is what would help you to stay up-to-date and but also to expand your toolbox. For myself, I tend lean towards structured programs allowing me to combine theory and practice into one offering. I registered to do the Machine Learning DevOps nanodegree programme from Udacity which focuses on building DevOps skills required to automate the various aspects and stages of machine learning model building and monitoring.

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Like many people, I kicked off this year with a long list of resolutions. My list includes items like learning how to do a backflip, but that’s a story for another time! One of my top three goals, and the one has come up regularly over the last couple of years, was to make an active effort learning cloud computing. Luckily, my current employer has chosen Microsoft Azure as their cloud platform, hence allowing me to focus on it.

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